Friday, January 11, 2008

God Does NOT Care About Your Happiness

One of my friends was having a struggle once. When she described her struggle to me, she described what she considered her two "choices" to me. The first one satisfied her desires, but it would mean disobeying God. The second one obeyed God but would leave her miserable (as she described it). When I asked her if she believed God's Word was true, she said yes. I gently pointed out that since she believed that, she really only had one choice. Her response was that she did believe that God's Word is true, but she also firmly believed that God would not want her to make a choice that would make her unhappy.

I wanted to scream at that point.

Beyond the fact that her unhappiness was being caused by wrong choices and attitudes she was already making, I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says that God cares one iota about your happiness. I know that sounds like a harsh statement, so allow me to clarify a little bit. By "not caring", I mean that when God (who is all-knowing, all-wise, and all-powerful) decides how He is going to arrange the circumstances in your life, your happiness is not a factor in His decisions. God's goal is not for you to be happy. Nor should it be our goal either.

"Happiness" is a pretty vague word. Often, "happiness" is used interchangeably with "joy", although the two mean very different things. Happiness is an emotion, while joy is a character quality. Anything can give us happiness, but only pursuing God can give us true joy.

When God arranges circumstances in our lives, what does He take into account? To answer that, we must ask, what is His goal?

Christians today, especially American Christians, have gotten the wrong view that God's goal is to make humans happy. That God is some sort of "genie in a bottle" to grant us our wishes and make us comfortable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

God's goal is, simply put, to bring glory to Himself. He is the true center of the universe.

Now, what does that mean for us? What is God's goal for us? (Us=Christians). The answer is found in Romans 8:29:
For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.
Do you see it? God's plan for us is that we be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. God gives us opportunities to develop Christlike character qualities. Sometimes (dare I say, oftentimes), that means that God arranges circumstances that will actually make us unhappy and uncomfortable.

However, if we take those opportunities to develop Christlike character, we will develop joy, which is superior to happiness. As I said, happiness is an emotion. Thus it is fleeting. Joy, on the other hand, is a character quality, and thus is constant.

I firmly believe that we should not pursue happiness. Instead, we should obey God and seek to glorify Him, and in the process we will develop joy.

We also should not expect God to care about our happiness. When we realize that God's goal for us is not our happiness, but our conformity to Christ, making the right choice in situations like the one my friend was going through suddently become a whole lot easier.


Kingslala said...

I had to learn that a couple of months ago. It really is a hard thing to learn once you start to think that God grants your every wish. I like your blog, keep using God to direct what you type.

Rachel said...

I think you hit the point perfectly. I have tried time and again to explain to people that Gods ultimate purpose is not to love you, or to make you feel comfortable, but to further His own glory. Thats not something that people like to hear, yet it is one of the greatest truths they can apply to their Christian walks.

Yah said...

This world is such a dark and horrible place. After unimaginable tragedy and ridiculous misfortune that has befallen me this week, i searched the internet for "God does not care". Now that I know he does in fact, not care, and only uses me as a pawn to grind into a bloody powder for "His glory", despite his promise that he would not give me more than i could handle, i am truly in despair. thanks for your post.

rockfan4life said...

I am sorry but this blog is bullshit. If God does not care about your happiness and that is true then God does not love you. A person that loves you wants you to be happy. If God only created each one of us to bow down and "praise" him then that is not a God of love both an egotistical self-centered God.

kat said...

i think people attatching gods name to their viewpoints is very misleading and also bs in nature, god is the only expert on god, to say that god doenst care about our unahappiness and doesnt do this or that, ok how does this person know, how did they go about finding out and is god their source?
seriouslly the bible states gods thougths are not our thougths and yeah thats scripture,
seriously no religious person under heaven knows anything about god and is 100% accurate

you can have an opinion about god
but gosh
dont present it as fact
becuase its not

i dont know what god cares about or not
but flat out saying he doesnt
get over it
you know nothing about this

get over it

i cannot afford for the sake of my mental or emotional health
worry over someones personal convictions or opinions

these experts who thin they have it all down
and know god thru and thru

YOU DONT!!!!!!!!!
your opinion has never been helpful
and in my life
state it as opinions
but never state it as fact
becuase it never will be!!!!!!

Shaney Irene said...

Yah-I am sorry that you feel this way, and I am praying for you, that God would use whatever situation you are going through to strengthen your faith. However, please understand that the purpose of this post was not to state that God doesn't care about people. He does care, it is part of His nature, the Bible clearly says so. The purpose was to point out that we cannot use "unhappiness" as an excuse to disobey God. We are not pawns. We make choices. The question is whether we will make choices based on what we want, or what God wants. The two are not always mutually exclusive-Psalm 37:4 says that when we delight ourselves in God, He gives us the desires of our heart.

RockFan4Life-I agree that a person who loves you wants you to be happy. However, that cannot always be the motivating factor behind their decisions. Take parents, for example. Why do parents set rules for their children, and then punish their children when they break the rules? Surely, this does not make their children happy! Parents do that because they want what's best for their children-for their children to be safe, healthy, and well-adjusted. Hopefully, their children will grow up to be happy as well, but it's not the choice of the parent, and it's not the main motivating factor behind the parent's decisions.

Kat-I can say what I've said because I have studied the Bible, I have seen what God has to say about God. Not everything on this blog is fact, it is true. Most of it is, though, and I have provided Scripture where I can to back it up. I certainly welcome other opinions where I haven't used Scripture to back up my opinions. In fact, I think that is one of the best ways to learn. If nobody every challenged anybody, we wouldn't be able to read the Bibles for ourselves today.

Ben S said...

Hey everyone,
John Piper, a great God-following pastor, actually delivered a speech on this very topic. Here is a link to his sermon that may aid in enlightening this concept of God "not caring" for our happiness. He indeed does *not have an innate desire to make us happy, instead, to bring true joy to our lives. That joy often only comes through tests, trials, and tribulations, unfortunately.

James 1:2-4
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Finally, *Hebrews 12: 1-2* makes this subject a little more clear when it says that Jesus endured the cross because of the joy that was to come. It wasn't for initial peace or prosperity, but instead for His own joy that He knew would come through being the ultimate sacrifice for sins.

"...Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto *Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for *the joy* that was set before Him *endured* the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

Ben S said...

Asher Isaac said...

Shaney, u have much to answer for. U totally misrepresent God. I cant believe someone who reads the bible can be so mislead! Doesnt the bible clearly state the He has plans to prosper us and not harm us? How then can u say God does not care for our happines? Can u love someone who doesnt care abt your feelngs? That would be redundant!! How can God relate to us if he could care less about our hearts? Surely he would know that broken hearts dont work very well and neither do broken spirits! U dont need to be a biblical scholar to figure that out! U remind me of the teachers back in Christ's time. U want a scripture for that? Look up Mark 4:12.

Shaney Irene said...


You're missing the point of this post. Yes God has plans to prosper us, not to harm us (the reference for that verse is Jeremiah 29:11). But that does not mean that God makes His plans based on whether they will make us "happy". God makes His plans based on what will bring Him glory and what is best for us (which are one and the same--if something doesn't bring God glory, it's not good for us.)

The argument I'm making here is not that God could care less about whether or not we're happy, but His will is not based on our happiness. Especially because "happiness" is entirely subjective.

We choose to follow God's will or not. If we follow it, then we will experience true joy. If we don't, we may be happy temporarily, but we will ultimately end up hurting ourselves.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God's will is based on our happiness. Yet people try to justify their choices all the time based on what makes them happy, rather than the clear commands in God's word. That's the faulty reasoning I'm trying to expose in this post.

kat said...

all i know is why do people have an opinion about god - should an opinion even existed - i stopped going to church because all i was hearing were opinions and had enough - i even went to therapy to sort all this out - some of these opinions were faulty
i love proverbs 3:5 where it states lean not unto your own understanding - i was listening to people who leaned so hard on their own they fell on it - my life changed when i began to apply this - i stopped leaning on peoples understanding on just about everything because it was ruining my life - polluting my thoughts - god speaks from gods point of view - short of being jesus or the holy spirit thats it!!! i live in the present not the past - i am not finding the present in the bible anywhere - people cant take the present and assume ahh the bible must have been talking about this -
some people insist we are end times - thing is so far the world has not ended - people say oh haiti or katrina or 9/11 etc - ok what about the hurricane in the early 1900s that pretty much wiped out and leveled galveston - or the civil war etc - or earthquakes back then or floods or tsunamis etc - just because not recorded in history didnt mean didnt happen - thing is there had to be poeple who insisted the earth was in end times then because castrastophre was happening

i dont know what god wants - im not sitting to left hand of god where jesus sits at the right -

i dont tell people oh god told me to do you ... god hasnt told me anything about anything

does god care or not care
i dont know
no way of knowing

but i would like church if they stopped talking about the past

does a first church of the present exist - i relate to no one in the bible - dont want to - they are no one i knew and no one i care about

god may or may not care about my happiness - but a human being is not an expert on that - and as billy joel sang - "keep it yourself its my life"

keith said...

Why should i care about god since he doesnt care about me .I am unemployed on disability can barely afford to live in this world .Cant use an assault rifle to get hired for a job . You try to live a righteous life and everything you try to do ends up a disaster. Then you have ponder why you dont join the rest of the world by robbing cheating and selling drugs. Why should i care about everlasting life if its like this life that would be everlasting hell. Just waiting for this life to end.

FedUp said...

What about when God lets your 12 year old son die? The one you and hundreds of other people prayed for? How's that for Jeremiah 29:11 and for God's love? God abandoned my son, didn't give a flip about what we prayed for and was totally silent. I have trusted God for years but now I am done. He is either not there or totally cruel. My months of praying did nothing but raise false hopes when he had no intention of lifting a finger. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you- but be careful, he will bite your finger off. To Hell with HIm.

Mark said...

just want to make sure the posting works first

Mark said...

Where to start? Maybe I shouldn't.

I think we need to be very careful about what we say about God, especially stuff about God not loving us or not caring and it all being about furthering his own glory.
If we accept that God is love as John describes and as a Father I know a little of the depth of love a Father has for their child/children, then these things don't ring true.
If we do seek God with the heart through love, then the God that love reveals to us is a God who does care, who does desire our happiness.
A God who walks with us through the good times and bad in life. Not a God who's only concern is his own glory.
Don't take my word for it though, seek through the heart yourself.

I do accept that there are many people who won't accept that God is love and many through the hurt that life throws them. My heart goes out to them and I'm not going to try and justify the harshness of life and the how God can allow it stuff.

Just because someone posts their take on something doesn't mean that it's the truth, (including me) so please don't think that cause someone posts something it means absolute that God doesn't care, even if they do use scripture to back it up.
Or that cause someone posts as a Christian that they have the truth. The truth is that we're all just struggling through. No one has all the answers. It should be seen as such.

Corvettegirl said...

Dear God Said it Best,

I would like to thank you for your passion for God and to helping your friend. I want to thank you for your insight you have posted on this blog. Was insightful and was not what I was expecting when I read the title of this blog.

Though I must admit your passion has made you blind to one fact. Your title of your blog is God does not CARE about your happiness, diminish one very important thing that does God care about. That is people. The fact that you say God does not care for the well being, happiness, for his creation also diminish the very reason that God died for us, thats hope. The fact that your title is telling people that YAHWEH is not a God of happiness suggest that God is a God of no hope. Which is strictly not biblical.

Hope, that is what is missing from today's society. Someone looking for hope from the God that can give it, someone searching. Have you stepped back and looked at the title of your blog? Does this title give a true testament to a loving, and a God of hope? Of course God CARES. To suggest God does not is a depiction of a God that just cares about getting it his way and has no respect of emotion.

Where does emotion come from? If we truly were made in Gods image does God have emotion?

Why did God give us animals?
Why did God give us beauty?
Why did God give us a sunset?

In fact why did God give you the passion inside of you? The love that Mark above me talks about? If God did not care about our emotion in happiness how do you explain all these.

God does care, but what you are trying to say in your post, is that the world does not. That is why the Christian walk is a narrow path. It is because of the world that doing Good doing the right thing is hard, and unhappy. It is NOT God, that does not car. It is the world not caring about God. But each sunrise is a statement to the world that God does care.... for your happiness.

John 15:11-13
I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

John 17:13
"I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Nehemiah 8:10
The joy of the Lord is your strength

kat said...

Why can't god speak for himself
Today !!!! The bible wasn't written literally today !!!
I'm so fed up with people speaking " for him" when in fact they speak for themselves

I don't care about god anymore
Oddest thing - I feel free and at peace too

Sure religious people will presume all sorts of scenarios
But I really don't care !!!

kat said...

I feel that god cares about his happness and could care less about mine - Christians / religious people had a nerve in telling me " god knows what best " and implying I don't
Um hello - why the heck do some go around using god statements - really ?

Jesus' biggest problem were with religious people
Same here

I'm 35
I'm single - never dated

Christians told me god has other plans

What liars they were - god never informed them of anything pertaining to me

They justify lying too - trying to help - yeah right

It's never been up to a person to pretend if not dictate what they think gods will is

I was told god called me to be single to serve him instead
That too was lie as those zealots never spent a minute witty me ever therefore didn't know god called me

But of course they weren't called

What liars these people can be - it's disgusting

Mark Marr said...

For what it's worth.

Am sorry about your bad experience with the Christians you mentioned Kat and if you can receive it then I would like to give you a warm hug.

I'm not going to try and defend the Christians you mentioned, just perhaps to say that their intentions may well have been good. They probably weren't meaning to mislead you.

My 17 year marriage came to an end nearly 5 years ago and it affected/affects me really badly. Many Christian friends would tell me to wait and see, the strong suggestion being that my wife would change her mind and we'd all be a family again.
I waited and hoped while my ex became more and more distant with me, started dating, divorced me. I still waited while she moved in with another guy and is now engaged to be married to him, she told me the last time she spoke to me that "she was now the happiest she'd ever been."
I am hurt about the well meaning Christians telling me to wait and see, but I don't want to hold it against them. No doubt they did believe this cause we were a Christian family who prayed together everyday etc and as I said already we're all just struggling through.

My understanding of faith and God has changed a lot and when I say my understanding, I do mean MY personal understanding.
I do take it that if God is love and is found in love, then love reveals to ME a God who is concerned about me greatly. It doesn't surprise me through the depth of his love for us that God would sacrifice himself for me.
As a Father I would give my life in a heartbeat to save any of my children.
It's very easy to get so wrapped up in scripture that we miss the love, you mention about Jesus and his issue with the religious of the time. The Pharisees were really good with scripture, but it seems not so good with the heart.
The devil seemed to be really knowledgeable on scripture too he showed this when he tried to tempt Jesus.
We need to be careful with scripture.
Maybe if we are true followers of Christ it should be our love that we're known for?

Mark Marr said...

On a lighter note Kat, I meant to add after reading your earlier post you got "my life" by Billy Joel playing over and over in my mind :)
Have you ever heard him singing "To make you feel my love"


selliso1 said...

I read this blog almost a year ago feeling hopeless and feeling alone. And I must say, it had pushed me farther from God than I have been in a while. Even after my suicidal attempts failed. It took many other christians to convince me that God was not a selfish entity that played us like puppets for His glory. Despite our pain.


HOWEVER, If google brought you here and youre hurting, God does NOT want his children to feel like he would leave or forsake them. Even when life is harsh, you should rejoice in the fact that unlike unbelievers, you will NEVER be alone. :) You have a Father that loves you (tough love sometimes).

It hurts now, but don't give up. Ask for God to show you truth, take a few breaths, and watch Him work.

Daniel said...

Matthew 7:9-11: 9“Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

-Trust and wait even until your last breath. For if you believe that God should be the one to help you, then you should also believe that what he says is infallible. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth.

jimmy said...

Read the comments and I made my own conclusion that makes sense for me. God doesn't care. Yes it is to believe he works in mysterious ways but from my experiences He/She has not come through.

Ugo Strange said...

Thank you.

ProdigalProtege said...

I love your blog. So blessed by it. Thank you for reminding me of the Truth. Why is this surprising? It shows how much the Truth is diluted in these times.

It's a true statement, but for some who are unfamiliar with this, to explain in another way, God does not care about the desires of your FLESH, what we call "happiness".

Think: God is GOOD. So good. In fact, ONLY He is good. Generous, kind, merciful, loving...these words are futile to describe his burning, passionate longing for you.

Father God is Spirit. We are Spirit and Soul embodied within the Flesh. Flesh does not last. This lifetime on earth is given to us so that we may grow spiritually, love Him more intimately, and to be one with Father God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

God is interested in the growth of your spirit, because He IS LIEE. It is His will to grow your spirit at whatever cost, because He loves you more than this entire universe.

That is not to say God does not want you to be happy. But it is His Kingdom first - seek first His Kingdom - love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and will and the ever so generous Father will give you more than you could desire.

But at that point, you wouldn't desire those things anyway.

Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Laura said...

I totally get what you are saying. God's love is different than human love. God's love is being interested in my long-term best interest. Who knows me better than God? When I follow His guidance in the choices I make in my life, I will experience joy and that will bring glory to God. God is good! He compares to no one. He is all-wise and all-knowing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone will read this, but the original blog hits it on the head.

And I also read many of the comments after everyone has read the original blog.

It is true...God "does not care" about my/your happiness. The thing with God is...even though we are made in the image of God...since we have fallen short of the glory of God, we have much error.

God is out to seek one thing and one thing only. To bring glory to Himself through Jesus Christ. Don't like it? Well, it's the truth whether a human likes it or not.

Someone can take that and run with it saying God is a cruel God and why does a "loving" God not "care" about our happiness?

God is love. But God is also God. And God has to answer to no one. The very fact that a perfect, righteous God allows us to take breath day after day should shut the mouths of every one of us and praise Him alone forever, just on that mercy alone.

People don't get this...that God doesn't owe you anything, owe you an explanation of anything. God DOES love us, in spite of what you may be reading of my comment here. He showed that by sending Christ and to partake in the glory which is to come.

But, on the topic of "happiness" - no, God's concern about your individual happiness isn't why everything was made. "For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him." - Colossians 1:16

As much as people believe and want to believe it's about them, I do not see where God reveals any of our names in why He made everything. Again, I believe what people need to understand is...we deserve eternal death. God doesn't have to give you breath, but He does. God doesn't have to give you good things...but He does. God didn't have to send you Christ...but He did.

It's gratitude of knowing this truth that will change your view on Him. Just be grateful He lets us partake in His mercy...let alone the gift of eternal life.

People will still have something to say about about Him regarding themselves. And as harsh as it is...God doesn't have to answer to you, me or anything. He is doing it for Himself...we are just recipients of that motive for good things.

God is love. The truth will prevail no matter what a fallen race "thinks" of the bible.

Shaney Irene said...

Wow, it's been almost 2 years since I've even looked at this blog post. I've learned a lot in that amount of time. I'm considering starting a new blog, and if I do I will likely delete this one and just copy the posts on to a word document, maybe to repost them on the new blog. If I do, though, a few changes will be made to this post.

The first thing that will definitely happen is the title will change. One thing I've learned is that titles will often have people making up their mind faster than you can say "Don't judge a book by it's cover." When I originally wrote this, I was going for a title that would be attention-grabbing. I think I succeeded, but should have worked harder to find one just as attention-grabbing without coming across as harsh as it did. Titles matter.

The second thing I would do is change the structure of the post. I spout of my conclusion first, and then spend the rest of the post trying to back it up. For those coming from the same background as me, it makes sense. But for those who haven't heard this before, I don't think it works nearly as well. If/when I rewrite this, I think I'd do more of a question/answer format, where I'd start with some common ground and then ask clarifying questions to eventually get to the point that I'm trying to make.

For those that were hurt by this post, I'm sorry. I should have chosen my words more carefully. Thanks to those commenters who have jumped in and helped explain and clarify, as well as those who have challenged me in my use of language and structure in this post. It's taken me a few years to get to the point where I see just how much improvement this post needs. I wrote it as a senior in high school, and now I'm a senior in college. I've learned a lot in that time. Now, taking another look with fresh eyes, I see how much works this post needs to make it the best it could possibly be.

This post is apparently the first thing that pops up if you google "God does not care." That's a scary thought for me, wondering how many people have come across this page, wondering if any have been helped, and if any have possibly been hurt. My prayer is that God used it for His glory in His own way, regardless of what my original intention might have been. It is all about Him, after all.

If I do start a new blog, you'll probably be able to find it pretty easily. I'll likely make it part of my public facebook profile. So if anyone's interested to join me on the journey that God is taking me on, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to look me up on facebook. If I don't know you personally I probably won't accept a friend request, but I'm willing to start a message conversation, or read your blog if you have one.

To God be the glory.

Mark Marr said...

quick test

Mark Marr said...

Thanks for your reflections Shaney and for your willingness to learn and grow.
Take care.

Music is Me said...

this is sum bullshit!! have u ever heard of Munchausen syndrome? I believe God suffers from it, either that or hes a sadist. m.s. Is a disease where ppl cause and or allow pain, suffering for the sole purposes of gaining attention. To say God dosent care about our happiness is an understatement! Furthermore if God only cares about his own glory and happiness why the hell did he create us with a so called freewill? Its basically like this......"hey im God I love u so much and I want to draw close to u and b n ur life but if u dnt abandon ur own happiness for the sake of mine u will die and spend eternity n hell" ! Wow now thats love! Yea right! Its selfish and for God to have such a petty human emotion such as selfishness I would have to say hes honestly not a good role model nor should he b attributed with a title such as God!

Chirag Arora said...

It doesn't take a genius to realise God doesn't care. For those of you who don't know what pain is, you can believe what you want. But for those who have been suffering their whole lives know this guy means the truth. God is a judge and has given us free will. he isn't going to let his feelings come in the way of judgement. He is psychopathic God. He is masculine. He is way to powerful to worry about our feelings. He isn't a pussy God. If he did care, but couldn't do anything to help you, he'd be a pretty weak god. But you all know he is powerful. If he wanted everyone in heaven, he'd be a pretty weak God, but he doesn't want everyone in heaven. Why did a perfect God create an imperfect world, with imperfect humans and left us into the hand of our enemies (Satan). It's the survival of the fittest. You guys have an image of a God who is weak. He is the God of war, look what happened to lucifer who tried to mess with him. God doesn't couldn't care less about the people burning in hell. But that is how a powerful God should be. Who is stronger Satan or God? Obviously God, so why is Satan winning. Do you ever see God trying as hard as satan in trying to win souls. Satan is everywhere, every chance he gets he's there, he never quits. God doesn't even try. God is not a luvy duvy character you guys hope. He didn't even think once about lucifer, and already mad a eternal fire for him.

Chirag Arora said...

Don't you guys get what God did. Adam didn't want to follow God's law. So God said, fine, if you don't want to follow me, you can have your earth, it's yours, follow you own laws. Do what you want with it, destroy it I don't care. So now we are the God's of this world. He left us in charge since we don't want to follow his laws and have our own. We can't rely on God for anything guys. If we didn't invent cures, God wouldn't of came down and made one for us. He is not of this world. It is ours and we got to make a difference. We have destroyed half the planet, but you don't see God coming and cleaning after our mess, we have to do that. Stop asking God for things. It is not God's world. Look at the people suffering everyday, more then Jesus ever did. You don't think they pray? Of course they do, but this world is not God's business. So stop blaming God for your lives. We have rejected God and this is our kingdom as God mention in Genesis. We are the rulers. Obama etc. We rule this planet.

Anonymous said...

There are a few post that I only agree, and even myself, I am having a hard time accepting this truth even though I believe it. It's very easy to turn God into so-and-so because he doesn't do what we think he will do. I'm not going to compare my life to his or her because we all experience and live through hard times. We experience different emotions and think different from each other. I especially agree "JustAMan" about this statement: God is out to seek one thing and one thing only. To bring glory to Himself through Jesus Christ. Don't like it? Well, it's the truth whether a human likes it or not.

I think one thing that we often miss is how sin affects our thinking towards God. There are times when I struggle with this myself (God doesn't care about us or God only cares about His Glory), but when I pull myself back, it is when I realize that PRIDE is speaking. PRIDE is the core issue of the human heart. "GOD, what about me? What about my happiness? What about this or that? Why does your glory matter (not mine)? Why this and why that?" Just as JustAMan said, he is not obligated to answer to anyone.

but Thank God for the Holy Spirit. He really teaches and show the human heart.

Tammie N said...

I too think you hit the point perfectly as "Rahcel" said. I believe so many problems in this life would be set free "if only" we could see that this life is not about "happiness". It is such a comfort to know that this life has a deeper meaning. That God has a higher purpose than the mere enjoyment of life. Thank you for posting this!

Elizabeth Walker said...
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Elizabeth Walker said...

You are so wrong, GOD does care about our happiness, and he cares about what makes us unhappy and uncomfortable. You make him seem like a self-centered egotistical maniac. GOD is definitely not telling you to write this. He CARES about us and he loves us. I shall pray for you too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just remembered why I stopped being a Christian! Who the hell wants to follow a God whose sole purpose is to make you miserable??? To think I stooped so low to begin praying to the Almighty for mercy to ease the pain of my misfortunes. Thanks for reminding me, God doesn't care one iota. So many wasted hours of my life practicing Christianity. Really, what good is religion if it doesn't help you to cope with living? Hello Buddhism!!!!!!!!

judy scroggins said...

GOOD WORD!!! THANKS FOR SHARING THE TRUTH!!! You know your doing something right when your being prosecuted for speaking the TRUTH OF GODS WORD...It says so in the bible :) "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you," MAT 5:10-12.

judy scroggins said...

""CORRECTION"" on above comment..not prosecuted...but persecuted!! Sorry

Mumu said...

Everyone has their own way of interpreting 'facts' this is the way you have come to interpret the bible through personal experience. Your personal experiences influenced your understanding when you studied the bible.
Something that is true to you appears as truth from where you are standing but to another, your ' truth' could look very different.
So basically, What I'm saying to people here is....
Interpret the bible according to what you feel in your heart is right. If there's something that doesn't feel right in your herat. It's not. You can try as much as you can but you cannot fool your heart.

Mumu said...

judy scroggins: By that account then Muslims are also speaking the word of God because they too are being prosecuted.

So too are Hindus.



So I guess we're all speaking the word of God, then?

Great :) Good to know! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Shaney, As a fellow Christian sister, I have to gently rebuke you. You took some truths of the bible and then put your spin on it, which doesn't really represent the full trith of God's intent, desires, and love. I understand what your saying in that God isn't here to please us and to answer every personal request we have for ourselves with a resounding "Yes"! Often times the right way is the harder way , at least momentarily, and God would never contradict Himself and say that its okay for us to disobey him and sin if it prevents us frpm being unhappy. Nothing could be further from the truth! But t say that our wondrous, all loving, all faithful God DOESNT CARE about the deep desires of his precious children. children he created to ENJOY as well as bring glory to Him is not of the word or of God. Its of Satan. Be encouraged brothers and sisters, God deeply cares about your pain, your struggles, your cares and your desires. He's our FATHER; loving us is all He knows hw to do. "God is love." There are so many many many promises in his word that illustrate this over and over again. Use your concordance and look up "love", "deliverance", "patience", "blessings", and "protection". He died for us because He so loved us, not just to bring Himself satisfaction. Bringing glory to God is what fills our hearts with much joy and peace, which is one of the reasons he says to do it. We absolutely, innequivocably, will face persecution, suffer disappointment, and go through tribulations. That is part of living in this broken world and even though life is a constant struggle, He promises that He will work everything out for good for those who love Him and are called by him. He's not an angry, manevolent God who's just waiting to brinmg pain and sadness our way. He wants to shape our character and conform us to His image so that we can experience His presence, His abundance (not necessarily monetary), His forgiveness, His acceptance, and His unmerited salvation to all who surrender to Him. He wants to free us of ourselves and satan so that we can go out into the world and make "disciples of all the nations"! Praise God! This is very different from the way you represented our Lord sister. I know your intentions are good, but try and remember how your words will either draw others closer to our Lord, or drive them away. Your words could have sent a depressed person over the edge.

Jonathan Fisher said...

So he doesn't care about our happiness. He cares about his glory? And so he made us for what? He already has enough glory, God isn't selfish. Something isn't lining up here. That's no God I would want to brag about to others, making us purposely uncomfortable. A parent who takes away a kids bike to make him go to him more to love him? To focus on him? That's mind games. I don't believe in a God who would do these kinds of things, because we know what is good and we get our knowledge of what is good and not. That's not how God operates.

Alex said...

I think the author's point here is not that God is cruel or heartless, but that one person's (or even the world's) happiness is not his sole cause for action. He loves every one of his creatures, yes, but that does not equate to "He'll do everything possible to keep every one of them happy all the time". I agree with Fisher when he has "God already has enough glory, God isn't selfish". However, that's not to say that God deliberately creates circumstances that would make us unhappy, only that he would allow them in a broken world. I don't believe the author intended to make God out to be malevolent, but it is not God's responsibility to make us happy at every moment.
As humans, we need to accept the fact that we live in a fallen state, in a fallen world, and happiness is not guaranteed, but God's goodness is. A parent who bends to the wills of his children just for the sake of their "happiness" is no parent at all; likewise, God intends for us not to be happy in every moment, but allows circumstances to mould us into his likeness. He hurts when we do, but sometimes our "unhappiness" is brought about by our own choices, the consequences of which we must bear.
To counter the author's point that "God's goal is simply to bring glory to himself", I'd like to suggest that God's goal is more for his creatures to share in the Son's fellowship with the Father. Hence, it is our fellowship with Him that concerns him most; not our finite, momentary happiness as affected by temporary circumstances, but a lasting relationship with Him. Humans are too limited to understand our circumstances, but God has redeemed all creation to Himself, and is able to bring good even out of evil and suffering. He ultimately wants what is good for us, more than just "happiness".

Jeff Scott said...

If we have no choice to be born, how loving is it for us not to have any say in what our lives are like? I didn't volunteer for this life, so why should all I get be suffering? He forced us to come here so he has a duty to us. You don't blame the pot if it has a hole in it, you blame the potter. But God has no responsibility? Shouldn't he at least clearly share the plan if he is going to ask us to suffer? He did that for Jesus and we're supposed to be equal children, so why don't we get the same consideration? It's hateful to send us here without giving us the choice and then abuse us.

goprosolo said...

"God's goal is not for you to be happy. Nor should it be our goal either."

You are one sick mother fucker, then what the fuck do you think heaven is portrayed as? What the fuck do you think the promised land was, what the fuck do you think joy, rejoicing, love is? You are one sick mother fucker, you must not be married or have any children and must be hardened missionary in an Islamic country where you see your fucked up version of God's will every day that fucked up your mind supremely.

Martha Hankins said...

One of the last things any Christian should do when trying to comfort hurting people is try their hand at apologetics. It has so much potential to do more damage. I've been on the receiving end of this cold comfort several times in the past 4 years after having three family members die and while struggling with unwanted childlessness. A simple "I'm sorry" and an offer to pray that God will provide comfort, keep His promises, and meet the person's specific need is appreciated far more than anything else. I've been pushed farther away from God in the past few years, and someone trying to apologize for God's actions, or lack of them, does nothing to help me.

Angela King said...

The trouble with christianity is that there are hardly any christians in it, brcause the real christians the tiny few in this world dont have time to write well meaning blogs full of relegion they are too busy helping those who are suffering and hurting, words are cheap, I have been to countless churches and so called christians for help and they really dont care, they just want to tell youwhat your not doing right, the last thing somone needs who is at the end of their rope, poor beaten down abused mistreated alone is words people neef actions, who cares about theology does god want me to be happy or not jesus is probably wondering why is that person alone in their struggles why aint my people sorting it out why aint someone there with them holding them telling them its going to be alright I care, then maybe theyll know god does too, as for happiness and this whole debate sounds like more rules and regulations, whats your life like bet you grew up in a happy home with happy friends parents that loved you didnt abuse you bet you werent deprived of anything, bet your college/uni is a happy environment, what if your life was dysfunctional, what if you were abused isolated neglected alone suffering what good does words and prayers do when you dont have enough to buy your kids new clothes and shoes, when you have so little worth you feel you be better off dead, will a prayer make me feel better or some well meaning words change my mind, can the real jesus followers please stand up

Jeff Scott said...

Wait one minute. We are constantly told that God cares about what we care about. So, how can you reconcile that with the idea the doesn't care about your happiness. This would indicate that He really doesn't care about the same things we care about. You can't have it both ways. So which is it?

Anonymous said...

this is all pack of nonsense. all purpose of existence is for god to be glorified? for god to glorify himself? absurd bollocks. no wonder the bible makes people insane. you either take that shit for real or never look at it ignore it and just be happy with something that makes more sense. anthropomorphic psychobabble angels deities evil spirits all this shit just ruins your mind..better off reading your bible and forget this stupid civilization cause it wont be around is fake wortless putrid irrelevant. god is an ass. jesus is a fraud. just be content with your bible and forget about religion. you dont need any of those assholes telling you what to believe.

Nazareth said...

Was God concerned about the pioneer's 'happiness' when they went days without food, got measles, yellow fever, cholera, were attacked and killed by Indians, by other settlers, by thieves, by wild animals? Was he concerned about their happiness when parents had to sit and watch their child freeze to death, die from whooping cough, starve to death, die from spotted fever, even the flu?

God never promised us life even- All that is really promised is that He will provide enough food to keep us alive until we die- and that could be at young age or old- He never promised us a house, heat, electricity, vehicles, money, nothing- He never promised us that we wouldn't suffer tremendously while He kept us alive either-.

It's a tough tough thing to come to grips with- The He owes us nothing- Yet we need to understand that being a Christian is NO easy thing- to love someone who doesn't provide for our happiness- who demands that we love him DESPITE our circumstances DESPITE our unhappiness, DESPITE our poverty.

And be prepared- for when you finally say "OK- God, I love you despite you're not making me happy" for things to get even worse- Not always, but usually- Anyone that thinks being a Christian is a free ride on the happiness and prosperity train is deluding themselves- Sure, God may decide to prosper you, but usually He won't. He may have required of you or I that we get sick, live in misery and poverty for awhile, then die. Swell, huh?

Too many preachers tickle the ears of their congregations- preaching things like 'name it and claim it', 'Hedonism for Christ's Sake', 'Ask anything you want and it shall be given unto you', or even htignsl ike "The CHristian life is awesome' or "If God takes care of the sparrows, won't He take care of you? If so, then stop complainin g"

Sure, God takes care of sparrows- keeping htem alive until they freeze to death, get hit by a vehicle, die of bird flu, etc- point being that sure, He will keep us alive for our appopinted time, but sometimes just barely alive, and sometimes in much pain and disappointment and heartache- then when our appointed time is up, He calls us home- that is the ONLY sure thing if we are saved, that we will one day be with Him-

Yah- I just read you comment- God does NOT promise to make sure you don't have more than you can handle, that is NOT in the bible. You of all people will have to dig as deep as you can, and even then you may not win- perhaps counseling should be considered

It seems a lot of people here are blaming God because 'they prayed and God didn't give them what they prayed for' therefore they 'left Christianity'- Seems like they might even claim "I was faithful for a very long time, but God wasn't, therefore I left God'

Sounds to me like their marriage vow to God was "I promise to love honor and obey God... as long as God does this and this and this and this- If I Get sick, If I become poor, If I don't get what I ask for when I ask for it, well then I'll divorce Him"

Yep, that's true love on our parts, isn't it? "As Long as you're good to Me, giving me everything I want when I want it God, I'll love you and be true to you- but refuse me anything, and I'll leave you because people that love one another should give the other what they want when they want it'

Sounds pretty onesided love to me-
and by the way folks- God's SON DIED for you- what have you done for Him that even comes close to that kind of sacrifice? "God doesn't understand my grief at the loss of my child" Really? I'd say He does!

Nazareth said...

And furthermore, God had given us everything we could want, and we threw it back in His face- We are STILL throwing it back in His face- We have it, for the most part, FAr FAR better than our forefathers ever dreamed of having it- yet we whine about how unfair God is? We get up In the morning to a warm house, snap a light switch, use indoor plumbing in a warm environment, go to the fridge, take out whatever we feel like eating, turn on the tap and get a drink of water- watch some Tv, browse the internet, then go out into our heated garages in some cases, jump in our vehicle, and travel anywhere we feel like it, picking up food whenever we feel like it, buying luxury items practically every day- on and on it goes- Now compare this to pioneer families stuck out on a prairie- going days without ANY kind of food, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, very little heat In the home, no running water- Wind howling through the gaps in the boards on the home, or through the damp smelly bug infested sod that makes up your dwelling- Droughts causing crop failure! etc etc etc

God isn't taking care of you? Really? He's not providing? Are you sure about that?

mysteries said...

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

mysteries said...

And... Psalms 128:2

For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

He does care.

Anonymous said...

mr nazareth you've lost your marbles,please go back to the pterodactylls the tyranasaurs the prehistoric fossils, your convinient bullshit bible is myths for kids,
same bollocks that politicians want you to adhere to. kings and queens police politician corporation and mr obedient citizen sitting in the suburbs in box watching the idiot box advertising tv tv tv tv tv terror terror terror terror terror under our beds lies lies lies leave me alone my rights are that you will not #uck with my freedom of not wanting anything to do with this asshole hypocrote deluded insane civilization.

Simpsons Fan 2199 said...

I won't use my happiness as an excuse to disobey God, but I will not hesitate to cite my obedience as the source of my misery. Over the last 4 years ago, I took several concrete steps in an effort to obey God more fully. I can honestly say I've never been more miserable. I've suffered multiple layoffs, a car crash and total apathy by "God people". All the while not being blessed nearly as much as I thought I would.
Walking in the flesh might not make you happy, but obeying God surely doesn't, so I guess your blog is spot on.

mysteries said...

Simpsons fan why just give up so easy.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

Simpsons Fan 2199 said...

Mysteries, how dare you insinuate I'm giving up easily. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me. You truly are a Christian!

Nazareth said...

Rapido- what exactly are you angry about? That God hasn't provided an easy life of riches or given you personally nothing but comfort, fame and fortune?

It's obvious from your posts you are very upset about something- It's not exactly clear what you are so angry about- it seems perhaps you are upset about the fact that sinners sin? That pain and suffering are a part of life? That people aren't perfect? That some unsaved politicians lie steal cheat or whatever?

Ask yourself why the world 'is insane' as you put it- The answer to that question is that the world is insane because people rebelled against God- Life was good until this happened- People had everything they could ever want- no worries whatsoever- then MAN rejected God, then life wasn't good- Just like God promised- Sounds to me like perhaps you don't like the fact that we now must suffer the consequences of OUR sin towards God?

Also please note, that If you are this angry now, when God DOES still provide some good in this life despite the bad that we bring upon ourselves, or that happen outside of our control- then you aren't going to like the consequences of rejecting Him and spending eternity in hell apart from Him- But that will be your choice- Hell is no party sir- it is eternal separation from God- an eternity of bitterness towards God, towards everything- even towards yourself- of regret, of pain and suffering the likes of which you have never imagined-

Life might suck now- SOMETIMES- (but even then there are a great many times it doesn't- when things are going well-) but it's far better than hell in which there will never be ANY breaks from pain and suffering and torment-

You can go through life blaming God for everything if you like, but God has graciously offered you, and all of mankind, who it must be said REJECTED Him even after He gave them everything they could want, a way to avoid Hell- It's a free gift- doesn't cost you anything but a moment of humbling yourself before Him- that's it- Jesus loved YOU so much that he gave His life for YOU- Would you give your life for Him? Would you stand up to a mob that hated you and give your life for others? Christ did it for YOU-

Nazareth said...

God stands waiting and He offers YOU full forgiveness and full acceptance- He won't run from your anger- He won't run from your hate- He will always be there to answer your toughest questions IF you allow Him to do so-

It's not wrong to be angry- to be angry at God, to be angry at God's people- Takign a look around the world at all the ills of the world it certainly does seem like God hates us- or that He doesn't exist- or that He does exist but just doesn't care about us personally- It's very easy to become upset- even furious at what we see- but it's not so easy to come to the point of submission where WE recognize God's sovereignty and right to be God- that is a tough thing to do, and not many people will put aside their anger to do so- and that is just what the Evil One wants- Don't let the Evil One win the battle Rapido- There is NO reward In that scenario- The consequence's are just way too high- We have fallen for the Evil One's lies forever- and just stop and take a look around you and observe the massive pain and sorrow that that has caused us- God is offering you a much much better alternative-

Nope, life won't all of a sudden become a land filled with cotton candy, unicorns, and barns full of gold and silver- BUT- you WILL pass from death unto life- life eternal- and you WILL come to know a God who truly DOES love you DESPITE all the pain and suffering we have to endure because of our rejection of Him all through the ages-

It's not enough to just know ABOUT God Rapido- You will never truly know Him until you decide you want to accept Him- To put aside what you think you know about Him, and to ask Him to reveal His true self to you- We can know a lot about someone by listening to other people's descriptions of that person, but still be very far from that person- or, we can decide to truly get to know the person personally- and find out for ourselves-

May God bless you in your search for meaning Rapido-

Nazareth said...

in all of humanitie's existence, there has only ever been one perfect human- just one- it wasn't you, it wasn't me, it wasn't the pastor down the street- it wasn't the evangelist who has led millions to Christ- it was Christ Himself- Christ aloen that was perfect.... And what did WE do to this Christ? Yup- WE murdered Him- Because we couldn't stand His perfection- His perfection exposed Our wretched sinful hearts for what they are- His perfection casted a light on our miserable sinful attitudes- His perfection revealed the true depravity of our hearts- and WE hate Him for it

"Nobody likes a do-gooder" as the old saying goes- And the reason we don't is because we compare our wicked thoughts, our evil desires to the good acts and we don't like what we see- We feel ashamed- and we do Not like feeling ashamed- We immediately begin comparing our deeds to the bad acts of the do-gooder- we excuse our own shortcomings, but convict the do-gooder as though he or she were Charles manson because it makes us feel better about our own sinful selves- We convince ourselves that we're 'not all that bad', and that other people are 'much worse than we are', yet the fAct is that every single one of us would have doen to Christ what the romans and jews did to Him because He was perfect, and we are not- We thought that by murdering Him that we could get rid of the light that exposed our own sins- that by getting rid of Him that there would be no more perfect example to compare ourselves against- and therefore we wouldn't have His perfection constantly convicting us of our sins-

But you know what? Christ GLADLY allowed Himself to be murdered by us so that WE could have eternal life IF we so choose to- The perfectly innocent man/God, took OUR guilt upon Himself, and crucified it on the cross for our sakes- He willingly and gladly took on the penalty of sin for our benefit- He willingly and gladly suffered the crushing defeat of death and the burdens of OUR sins upon Him so that we might have eternal life with Him. He took all our sins, all our bickerings, all our slanderings, all our connivings, all our gossipings, all our unkindnesses, all our backstabbings, all our deceitfulnesses, all our hate, all our anger, all our jealousies, all our unfaithfulnesses, all our crimes, all our thefts, all our impatiences, all our miserablenesses, etc etc etc, and He crucified them on the Cross for our benefit- and if we accept Him, all these sins, all these human conditions will be swallowed up by goodness and mercy and love-

Will we still sin? Of course- We are still sinner, saved by grace- BUT, we now have the capacity to lean on Christ to Help us WHEN we make the effort to do so- that doesn't mean we will always succeed- many of us will fail miserably- constantly- Becoming a Christian doesn't automatically make a person perfect- not even close- it just means that our imperfections ARE forgiven-

In order for true love to exist, there MUST be the ability to make wrong decisions- there MUST be choice- otherwise, love is coerced, forced, and not a free will choice- and where there is choice, there will ALWAYS be sin- Always- Thank God that He has provided us with an escape from the consequences of that choice-

Nazareth said...

And try to think of it this way Rapido- You want a world filled with love, goodness, kindness. A 'perfect world' where everyone CHOOSES to be kind to others, to help others, to always work together for the common good

Well so doesn't God- Infact, He wants that so much that He actually gave it to us in the beginning- and what did we do? Yup- we shook our fists in His face and declared we wanted more-- God offered it to us again when He sent His Son to earth- We 'COULD HAVE" listened to Christ- lived the way He taught us ot live, and all become truly loving of everyone else- however, what did we do? Yup- We once again shook our fists in God's face and even murdered His Son

We need to stop being so quick to condemn God, and start looking at ourselves and our failures- We had a chance at perfection- we didn't want it- we threw it away- We STIL have a chance at far better lives, close to perfection- but we do NOT want it- WE- it's OUR fault- WE do not want it- and not just 'them'- but US- You and I have the opportunity right now to completely change our lives so that WE live our lives completely for others- to help others- to sacrifice everything for others- But of course WE won't- Shall we continue blaming God for that? For OUR failure? For OUR evil selfishness?

Think about it- WE cause so much of the suffering OURSELVES because WE choose to do so- WE cause untold suffering by driving too fast, driving drunk, divorcing our spouses, doing criminal acts, speaking ill of others, slandering others, backbiting others, disobeying laws, ruels, regulations- People who choose unhealthy lifestyles put many peiopel at risk, cost us all lots of money- take food out of the mouths of our kids- Our own unhealhtly lifestyles cost other people- we smoke, we drink- we eat unhealthy junk food- we end up in hospitals, causing people's health insurances to rise- some people get aids from drug use, or sleeping around- on and on and on it goes,

And WHY does all this evil and corruption and pain happen? Because WE choose to do so

WE love our sins, and WE are not all that willing to give them up IF WE are to be honest with ourselves

God tried to warn us "Don't do it" - WE didn't listen- WE STILL do not listen- IF we did listen, we would be living in the perfect world WE all CLAIM we want- but it's very obvious we don't truly want what we claim we do- We love our sins far too much truly obey God

bottom lien is that WE hurt disobey God, We hurt others because WE are selfish and sinful, and then WE turn around and blame God for what WE do- Sure, we can point fingers at OTHER people all day long- but at the end of the day WE are just as sinful as the next person, and just as disobedient as the next person- and while some folks are worse than others- the Fact is that WE ALL are guilty of sin because WE CHOOSE to love sin-

God is simply the judge- the rule enforcer- WE are the rule breakers- We can't blame the rule enforcer for the FACT that WE break the rules

Barry Mead said...

No God does not care, for his glory? Fear him, love him, obey?
Why does such a being even NEED worship? A true good god would not want worship but would want the best for his creation and would say, have faith, and have trust, i am the god that made all things and i love you and if you follow my way, i cannot make all perfect, else i remove your autonomy and make it that you are controlled, less than a robot, thus you could not truly be happy for you'd just be drones.
However, i will help, because good IS good, and you will see joy when you do worship me, for it is i who help and do right for you.
But we have not a loving god, but one demanding we abase ourselves, demands we fear it. And love? How can we know what we never meet, and if we do not know, how can we love?
And sacrifice? God or jesus, dependent on if you think they are two or one, but either wya, how is it sacrifice to have been alive for billions of years, able to reside in this heaven we imagine so pure and great, and to know a moment of earthly physical pain and all this is yours again.
No god cares when he proves it. Thus far he hs not

Anonymous said...

I understand what you were trying to say. The point just got lost. We need to put our words together very carefully. People are out there looking for the truth. We as Christians should be helping them come to God, not pushing them away and making them think God doesn't care, when he truly does. God knows the horrors of hell, also the unimaginable pleasures and joy that awaits us in heaven. God states time and time again in the bible, that this life is nothing. It is but a vapor. It is very short. We should be looking unto Jesus, waiting for him to take us home. When God says that "eye has not seen nor ear heard what he has prepared for those who love him" he was speaking of what he has done for us in heaven, not what he can do for us on earth. God sent his only begotten son to be brutally beaten and shed his blood for us. What greater love is that?!? Google the tabernacle of Moses. This proves that even in the Old Testament, God wanted an intimate relationship with us, but because of the People and their wicked ways, he couldn't be involved the way he wanted too. So that is why he sent Jesus. Now if we allow him to and submit to him, he will send us his Holy Spirit and he will dwell in us and guide us into all truth. God does truly love us and care for us and wants to be involved in our everyday lives. It's our sinful nature, the same that caused Eve to disobey, that causes us to think that we know best. When in fact, we know nothing. God knows every heartache that will come from every decision in our life. That's why he wants us to come to him first. Discuss things with him. Wait and rely on him for answers. God demonstrates his love through Jesus Christ. All he is looking for are faithful children to prove their love and of the same. Yes, a lot of our lives are for his glory, but we will also be rewarded for our obedience. His love is unconditional and unimaginable. Search the scriptures to truly come to know God. So many Christians are fooled into thinking that if they serve God, then they will live a wonderful life. That is not so. Look at what the disciples went through. Our life will be tough. But our reward is greater than anything our minds can fathom. Those in this world who have their reward now, money and fame and fortune, will be very sorry when they find themselves in hell. For those of you who do not believe in God, I ask you to truly search your hearts. Look at the negative in your life and realize that you made it. You are still alive. God is still giving you a chance to come to him. Once you die, there no longer remains the chance to repent. I had my doubts as well as I too had gone through very dark times in my life. But because I looked past the hurt and opened my heart, God was able to show me that he is there. Always. Even when we cnt see what he is doing. And Christians, dnt be so quick so judge. We were all lost at one time and we all fall short of Gods glory. We are no better than those who do not believe. God loves them too. As should we. We are to be examples of Christ. Never forget that. I know I would rather stand before God with more than just my soul. We are accountable to bring the Gosple of peace to others! It's time we do our job and stop letting satan cause us to be prideful and sit in our homes and do nothing. God bless all of you!

Anonymous said...

God cares about our happiness. But just because we think something will make us happy now, it may cause us harm in the future. God knows everything about us. He knows our future. If God gave us everything we asked for and everything that we thought made us happy, what would he have! A bunch of spoiled rotten children! The same morals and principles we apply to raising our children, God also applies to us.

Anonymous said...

I just felt deserted by this 'God' that you proclaimed care. Actually, I thought.. when He decided to save me does this God only works halfway and not get it through?

I wonder where is He when I needed Him the most? When I was broken down in my job? When I needed direction when I was lost? When I was confused and hurt about my relationship? When I was bullied and tortured when I was a child?

Sometimes though, He helped, but all the help was already too late. I prayed and well..

Maybe, I am just not enough with God and I bet He can just dispose us humans like a pebble in the sand and exchange it with something else.

I pray that your eyes are opened that this 'God' maybe just using you and actually will never care about your well beings.

Thank you and have a nice day

mysteries said...

simpsonfan I'm sorry About that but still I'm just telling you don't start believing anything that says God doesn't care for your happiness it's a lie God does care.

Psalms 128:2

For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

Shelly Martin said...

Haha! EXACTLY! Let's all be miserable and UNHAPPY our whole lives so God can be satisfied. No wonder why nod boy in third right mind wants to be a Christian! (Actually, I think you people are full of crap). I actually believe God WANTS US TO BE VERY HAPPY IN fact, God is always refered to as "Heavenly father", and we ate supposed to love and trust him. Our happiness is indeed supposed to be very important to him. Don't listen to these jerks. Their kind of religion will make your life a literal hell on earth!

Shelly Martin said...

Amen!!! When you love someone their happiness is very important to you. I imagine those who believe otherwise see God more like some punitive jerk who we must all worship or suffer even worse consequences then the miserable path he wants us all to stay on. Lol!!! This is so stupid I am laughing out loud.
I suppose life in heaven will be even more misery! Because Hod doesn't give a rats ass if you're happy or not?
This kind of religious belief will turn more people away from God then anything else!!!
If you see God as some huge, selfish, self serving jerk!
Supposedly Christ died to SAVE us all from a miserable end! As well as to give us VICTORY in EVERY SITUATION IN OUR LIVES. Plus, JOY AND HAPPINESS ARE ONE IN THE SAME.
So PLEASE SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH people who think "God doesn't care about your happiness", you people are on the wrong path. In fact, eventually your very misery will make you falter!

Shelly Martin said...

Agreed 100%

Matt Finn said...
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Matt Finn said...
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A proud mana said...

God sounds like a supreme bring glory to himself. Or perhaps a narcissist. If God does not care about our happiness, why create us in the first place. Instead he made us flawed. It's easier to think there is no God than one who simply can't be bothered.

CDews said...

Brilliantly honest reply but a tad misguided. I made this exact same argument against God for years until I...

Considered Jesus' statement in Mark 10:18 that "no one is good but one, that is, God."

If only God is truly good and the foundation of righteousness then...

Telling you to worship and follow Him isn't about flexing his ego- like the common man- He is telling you to worship and follow what is Good and Right.

If there is no greater goodness than God alone, and God desires that man do good, then logically speaking, He would have to push man to do his will and his will alone, for that would be the greatest and realistically the only good.

The world would be a Horrible Place if God desired to make sinful man happy. Consider Jonah:

He would have been happy Not to go to Ninevah. Happy and content if all those wicked people faced the Just wrath of God. God wanted to save them using his prophet and, defying his loyal servant's happiness, strong armed him into doing what would make him unhappy. Which, in turn, lead to the Greatest Revival in Biblical History.

Even after all those people were saved, Jonah Still Wasn't Happy, (Jonah 3:10-4:4) and even wanted to die. Just imagine if God sought to fulfill his desires.

What I or you want isn't what's best, though we 'perceive' we'd be happier if God followed suit. It's only His will that is Best and Good despite if we aren't happy about it. (Luke 22:42- "not my will, but yours be done.")

Hope this helps =). God truly is good, we just don't fully understand him sometimes. (Isaiah 55:8-9).

CDews said...

Brilliantly honest reply but a tad misguided. I made this exact same argument against God for years until I...

Considered Jesus' statement in Mark 10:18 that "no one is good but one, that is, God."

If only God is truly good and the foundation of righteousness then...

Telling you to worship and follow Him isn't about flexing his ego- like the common man- He is telling you to worship and follow what is Good and Right.

If there is no greater goodness than God alone, and God desires that man do good, then logically speaking, He would have to push man to do his will and his will alone, for that would be the greatest and realistically the only good.

The world would be a Horrible Place if God desired to make sinful man happy. Consider Jonah:

He would have been happy Not to go to Ninevah. Happy and content if all those wicked people faced the Just wrath of God. God wanted to save them using his prophet and, defying his loyal servant's happiness, strong armed him into doing what would make him unhappy. Which, in turn, lead to the Greatest Revival in Biblical History.

Even after all those people were saved, Jonah Still Wasn't Happy, (Jonah 3:10-4:4) and even wanted to die. Just imagine if God sought to fulfill his desires.

What I or you want isn't what's best, though we 'perceive' we'd be happier if God followed suit. It's only His will that is Best and Good despite if we aren't happy about it. (Luke 22:42- "not my will, but yours be done.")

Hope this helps =). God truly is good, we just don't fully understand him sometimes. (Isaiah 55:8-9).

mysteries said...

Obviously he knows what's best but he still cares about what we want and gives us our hearts desires.

Sandesh D'Souza said...

God's goal is, simply put, to bring glory to Himself.
Oh I see? That is what God is? Like most arrogant self-centred politicians, actors, rich billionaires, media-hungry models, and other people who like to be worshipped by the masses in this world. God is not different!!!! Wow what a statement. Is God so insecure that he needs to br bring Glory to himself?!

Johanan Raatz said...
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Dexter said...

God doesn't care about our happiness . that's why so many of He's followers our so miserable.

mysteries said...

Nazareth you're so right! A lot people here just sound likes trolls or athiest who have never read the bible. God wants us to be happy.

Sandesh D'Souza said...

Mysteries. Just because you don't like what you are reading does not mean I am a troll. You are equally a troll for making such statements and distracting people from the actual content. I am a practising christian.

Sandesh D'Souza said...

Mysteries. Just because you don't like what you are reading does not mean I am a troll. You are equally a troll for making such statements and distracting people from the actual content. I am a practising christian.

mysteries said...

I never said you were -____- and I don't care about distracting people from lies.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to get some relief from my deep unhappiness after taking the time to read most of the comments. But, alas, i think the one who is most unhappy with this blog is God Himself. I truly pray that noone has been hurt beyond repair as a result of a terrible unthought use of sentence structure by the author. This blig should be deleted before more damage is done. Repost it after you actually let God's Holy Spirit direct you. But not before rebuking satan.

James said...
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James said...

Go fuck yourself with this ideology, why shouldn't I be happy?

James said...

The same way he tested JOB? By killing all his family members? Why would you want to see someone you love go through trials of misery. Just shut up you sound stupid

James said...

The same way he tested JOB? By killing all his family members? Why would you want to see someone you love go through trials of misery. Just shut up you sound stupid

Kinky.coily. ஐBeebe ஐ Treeஐ said...

Calm down James sheesh. Idk I do wonder about god alot..i wonder if he truly loves us or just use us for his glory... Hmm

Unknown said...

If everything you're saying is true then there is no free will. In other words, your free will ends at what you choose to eat or what toilet paper you wipe with. That means your life is set, every mistake you have made or will make has been scripted. Why is it that god won't take action? Why is it only when he gets around to it, he'll do something? As I've read through the bible I often find stories about people who seem to get away with everything because they're his favorites. King David murdered his own family members to protect his throne. God made the kings heart hard so that he wouldn't release the isrealites. Joseph was made prosperous no matter what he did. So, if god will do that for these people why won't he do the same for us? I can honestly say it'd be better if I had never existed. I'd rather not have existed if this is all god had in store for me. It's a double standard and evil continues to triumph. What did god give me to fight with? Did he make me charismatic to preach the word, nope. As the world continues to falter, what exactly am I supposed to do? Just a lame to the freaking slaughter! All I have ever wanted was a home and a family of my own and to make an honest living. God has denied me that and furthermore at my age my best years are now gone. Why all the innuendo from god? Why doesn't he! Everything is some stupid hoop to jump through with him and it's exhausting. Example: lean not on your own understanding. Well, I have the understanding that you gave me so if you want me to have a better one then you're going to have to provide that. Or, you could to me. It's not really a hard concept, hell he invited it. The truth is you know nothing about heaven because you've never been there. The story is over 2000 years old but the common theme seems to be that god has his favorites and if you're not on that list then you're screwed! I'm tired and my will is broken. When does god do something about that? When does he tend to me. Because at this point it seems like the only way to get an audience with him is to blow your damn brains out just so you can ask him why? By his own damn admission he said it's not good for man to be alone, so I will make for him a wife. Where's mine? Where's my children. How many years go by with nothing but silence from him. If this is all he had in mind for me then why bother? I realize it could be worse, it can always be worse and it can always be better too. So if he's not going to step up then let me die piecfully. But anytime anybody has the ability to act and doesn't for their own sick personal amusement, then says worship me ....well I have issue with that. At this point I don't even know if I want eternity. If this is all there is then screw I'd rather not exist at all ever

Mark Marr said...

I am very sorry to read about your hurt with God, you wishing that if this is all God had in store for you then you would rather that you'd never existed.
I can perhaps understand why you would feel this way as I have wished the same for myself in the past and if it was that God only has time for his favourites and unless we are a favourite he will not give us anytime.
I am sorry too about the hurt that you have experienced through not having the wife and family you wanted.
I can relate a bit to this too as although I was married and had children, we separated despite my prayer and trying to do everything I could to work things out with my wife. It really broke my heart and I can still struggle with this despite it happening approx 10 years ago. I so badly wanted God to save my marriage.
What can I say? Maybe nothing.

I was so hurt with God that I turned away from him. Although this was sad in a way maybe it was what I needed to do, as ultimately I was maybe not turning away from God anyway, just the idea of God that I had been given.
Maybe turning away from this was the best thing I could have done. Maybe I had to get to this place before I would truly seek God for myself. Although it wasn't easy I did seek God, but I tried to seek him with all my heart.
I don't live by scripture, but within scripture is found Jeremiah 29:13,

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

The God that my heart revealed was not a God who had any favourites. I found a God who loved me more than words could ever do justice. A loving Father who had suffered and died for me. Experiencing God as a loving Father changed things for me. I saw things in a very different light a very beautiful light, but only through my heart. I experienced that God was for me, not against me.
Although as I say I don't live by scripture, it does tell us through Jeremiah 29:11,

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Maybe God can only truly be found through the heart. Maybe we can only truly ever know him through the heart and I didn't know this before and of course nor do I believe, did I know God.
I experience through my heart that he loves me, but I experience his love for others too, how we are all his children and he loves us all. In fact his love fuels my love for others.

Does it mean though that suddenly everything's wonderful in my life? Definately not! I still live in the world and can and do struggle with things. I can even go off track or rather be taken off track about God, but once I get my heart set back on him, I get back on track.
I said earlier about my wife and how we split up, I cannot put into words how much I struggled with this and can still struggle about this at times, but my wife, ex wife, (she divorced me) is about to get married in 4 weeks and I find the strength to be happy for her and her partner. In my love for her I would want her happiness and wish her well with all my heart. I believe that knowing God and his love helps me to do this.
I haven't married again, I don't think I ever will, I just try to find peace and love in where I find myself in life and being grounded in the love of God through my heart helps me to do this.
I can't say what works for people or what can help them, I can only share my story and my hope that you may come to know God's love for you.
For what it's worth I will pray for you.

Unknown said...

You said this ^^^ abusive, over emotional statement to a high school girl. The author was a high school girl at the time. Think about that for a second...a HIGH SCHOOL GIRL expressing an idea.
Atleast she TRIED to be on God's side.
Look at all the sad people who go to strangers on the internet for answers.
Next time go directly to the Bible and get involved in a good church and get to know (have fellowship) with those around you. If you have a question, ask the happy, well rounded and matured people you have become close to for help on your questions.
And for goodness sake, stop abusing strangers because you don't agree with their writings and/opinions.

Male Pig said...

How much unhappiness do others need to experience before you and God can be happy? If Joe Shmoe has a nice wife and a fancy car, how long should I pray for God to make the wife cheat and the car to breakdown. Fortunately I'm not Christian so I don't need to pray that

artfulhogster said...

If you believe god is omniscient then you have to believe god created evil. God can't be omniscient without knowing when he created Lucifer that Lucifer would rebel. So not only does god not care about your happiness, he created the being that would torment you.

Janessa Terry said...

Yah - I'm sorry you found this article.. I too arrived here after typing in "God doesn't care" and found this post discouraging and cold. I'd love to know if you've learned anything about God or life from your own experiences